Interior design

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June 6, 2015

Interior Design!

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When it comes to interior design, our goal is to create an overwhelmingly beautiful, cohesive and appealing home or office. Our interior design begins with a consultation with you where we cover the scope of the entire project, your tastes and preferences in detail, the budget and the contact person for the project. We will then perform a site assessment and measurements, do a space planning and then proceed to the design stage. We’ll then schedule a meeting for design concept presentation and approval. We’ll go through the design in detail and your feedback will be used to redesign the concept to your total satisfaction. Scheduling and procurement will then follow after your approval. The last stages are installation, accessorizing and refinement. Refinement includes a walking through the space with you to ensure everything is according to your desired requirements. We will rectify anything which is amiss. Reach us for all your interior design requirements and enjoy a beautiful and appealing space for your entire lifetime.